The Fourth Legionary Corps has one of the highest authenticity standards found in the Revolutionary War living history community. Every attempt from studying primary sources to original equipment has been made to insure authenticity.
Uniform clothing is made using only period materials such as 100% wool and linen with hand cast pewter buttons, since these were the common materials available over 200 years ago. No modern fabrics or zippers are employed. All accoutrements and weapons have been carefully copied from originals, and are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

Just as important as a correct uniform, we also stress personal appearance and deportment. Men in the regiment are not allowed to wear beards, moustaches or long sideburns, since facial hair was not seen in the American army of that day. Modern wristwatches, and eyeglasses are not permitted, nor may any man smoke a cigarette, cigar or modern pipe when in uniform as such would detract from the appearance each man strives so painstakingly to recreate.

Of special note to mounted dragoons, the breeds of the 18th Century are now extinct or have evolved into a breed that exists today, and as such we strive to use horses that are of the proper colors of the time period as verified by contemporary paintings and descriptions. Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabs and Morgans, and walking horses are normally acceptable. Also tack and saddlery must be of a type used in the period.

The authenticity standards also apply to our camp staff of campfollowers, waggoners, and bowmen. Proper clothing, shoes, camp equipage, and personal equipment also must meet our stringent authenticity guidelines.

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