Branches in the Unit
The Regiment portrayed is that of a mounted cavalry troop with an attached light infantry company.  It also includes music and a small support staff of campfollowers, bowmen, and waggoners

Men joining as soldiers are required to outfit themselves in the basic uniform of either a Light Dragoon or Light Infantry during the period of 1781-1782.  We also on occasion have soldiers dressed in a variety of uniforms reflecting the 4th Legionary Corps during the early and late years of the war.  Although the uniforms for the mounted men and light infantry are different and distinct, we fight as one unit, and participate in all events as one unit, and will always be ONE UNIT.
Light Infantry

Light Infantry by Chase Schiefer
Photo by Chase Schiefer

Being a legion, the light Infantry play a key role in everything we do. The Light Infantry wears a short brown wool stable jacket with red cuffs, a black light infantry cap, and overalls.  He is armed with a full-length French musket, axe, and bayonet.  He also has all the proper accoutrements of an 18th century soldier including canteen, haversack, eating gear, and a backpack.  The Light Infantry also fields in an optional late war impression of a blue coat with red facings.
lightinfantry by Paige S.


dragoon musician

Legions in the Continental Army had trumpeters, drummers, and buglers to convey commands over the sounds of battle.  All musicians are outfitted in documented kits with period appropriate instruments.


Campfollower by Paige Schwartzmann
 Many regiments during this period had attached female campfollowers.  These women did various duties such as the washing and mending of clothes.  The dress was usually very distressed, reflecting the rigors of living in the field.

Light Dragoon
 dragoons by Paige SchwartzmannThe mounted light dragoons are the cavalry arm of the regiment.  The light dragoons (mounted men) wear a green-faced red coatee with brass buttons, leather helmet with a bearskin crest, green wool or natural leather breeches, and black boots. His horse is of a proper breed and his tack is all period appropriate.

Early War Light Dragoon
Early LD by Chase
Photo by Chase Schiefer
We occasionally outfit ourselves in the uniform worn by the dragoons in 1777.  This consists of a captured British red coat or dyed hunting shirt.

bowman by Heather D.
Legions frequently had attached to them a number of young boys called bowmen.  The bowmen’s job was to perform stable and general camp duties.  They were dressed in a variety of stable dress.


The 4th Legionary Corp had its own wagons to transport forage and regimental supplies.  The wagons were staffed by enlisted waggoners of the Quartermaster Department. They had a basic uniform of a civilian smock coat and round hat.

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