Great Encouragement to Enlist!

" As soon as a Man Enlists, Scour him up, Shave his face. Put a new Suit of Clothes on him, and make him a gentleman of them, as soon as they become Soldiers."

Colonel John Gunby, 7th Maryland Regt.

January 2, 1780

The crack of musketry at Germantown. The clang of sabers as horsemen engage on the fields of Monmouth. The snug feel of your regimental coat on a crisp, fall morning at the Daniel Boone Farmstead. The flickering candle light on the barracks room wall at Fort Frederick. The laughter and joyous conversation at a colonial Christmas Ball in Olde New Castle. Relaxing with your fellow troopers with a mug of ale around the campfire after a day in the field at some historic location. These are the sights and sounds of Revolutionary War living history, which you can enjoy and experience yourself, as a member in the Fourth Legionary Corps.

The Fourth is a dynamic organization that actively seeks out and welcomes people who have an interest in Revolutionary War history to enlist in our growing ranks. The organization has positions for men and boys to serve as horsemen, light infantry soldiers, drummers or trumpeters or part of the camp staff as bowmen for those less than 16 years of age. Men who prefer not being a soldier, can join the camp as waggoners. Women and girls over 12 can become part of the camp staff as campfollowers.

Getting yourself uniformed, equipped and trained is our responsibility and is a relatively simple and efficient process. We have reliable suppliers that are at our service so that you don't have to make things yourself, or become frustrated trying to find what you need. We do it all for you, and can have you in the field as a participating member within 60 days.

If you have an interest in getting involved in this exciting pastime and live in the mid-atlantic states, we want to talk to you. Contact our recruiter, Tom McHugh (recruiter email) with your name, address, phone number and the best time to call. We will call you within 48 hours. We prefer to have a personal dialogue with you, so as to fully explain the living history hobby and to answer your questions on how to become a member of the Fourth Legionary Corps.

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