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History of the Recreated Regiment
    The idea of the Fourth Legionary Corps began in 1992, by two men who were veterans of the Bicentennial. Shortly after, an opportunity arose to form a new Revolutionary War living history organization based on high authenticity standards and a deep respect to those men who originally served in the regiment from 1781-1783.
    For two years, extensive primary research was done to assure the highest degree of authenticity, suppliers of uniforms and equipment were established, and an organizational framework was agreed upon. The goal was to put one troop of twenty-five men of both mounted cavalrymen and attached light infantry into the field. In the fall of 1994, the regiment was officially launched and recruiting began. Today the Fourth Legionary Corps has over thirty-five uniformed troops serving in its ranks, along with attached support elements of waggoners, bowmen, and campfollowers.

The Fourth Dragoons is a 501C3 non-profit organization chartered in the state of New Jersey. It is governed the same way as the original troop was, with a Command Staff of officers and NCOs who make decisions in accordance with the By-Laws, and based on historical accuracy.

Meetings & Communications:
The troop meets officially at an Annual Meeting on a predetermined Saturday in January. This covers all details of running the troop, such as finances, events, authenticity and training issues and an overall general discussion on how the troop operates. There are at least two Officer and NCO Meetings every year in the summer and the winter, which includes representatives from the privates.
Information is communicated to the entire regiment through the publication of a troop newsletter called "The Trumpet", which is published about once a month and can be received either through e-mail or in a paper format. Event information, historical articles and general announcements are found in the newsletter. Periodic updates and flash announcements are conveyed to the membership through an email system, phone tree and at the events.

Safety & Training:
Part of doing Revolutionary War living history, is recreating battles of the era. There are common rules all the participants must know so as to do this in a safe, and organized way. It is the responsibility of the organization to train all our members in safety, how to load and fire black powder weapons, learning the drill manual, and becoming a proper soldier of the period. This is accomplished at several formalized training sessions that all new members are required to attend, and veteran members do as a refresher.

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