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18th Century Living history is one of the greatest hobbies a person can participate in. Just ask any of our members! The regiment was founded in 1994 by an experienced group of re-enactors devoted to authenticity and has grown to over forty men and women in the last twenty years. Participating in this hobby is an incredible opportunity to step back in time and experience every detail of 18th century military life, something a history book or Hollywood cannot ever reproduce!

Why Re-Enact the 4th Legionary Corps

Whether it's the love of history, the camaraderie of the campfire, or the love of horses, or the ability to "unplug" for a weekend, our members have joined for many different reasons and have come from many different backgrounds. With today's busy world, the regiment does only eight to nine events a year. Events could be a living history encampment at a historic location, a battle reenactment on an original or private site, or the performance of legionary tactics of the 18th-century. As a volunteer organization the only mandatory events are one training drill a year to ensure safety and two events a year to ensure continued participation and proficiency. The Legion has an excellent reputation as one of the hobby's premier and elite Continental units, and once you join, you will instantly find yourself among a group men and women who welcome new recruits with open arms.


How to Join

Many people have gone to re-enactments and often imagine "I wish I could do something like that". Getting involved is easier than you think! Membership is open to ANYONE who wishes to portray one of the branches of the regiment. Getting outfitted and equipped is a relatively easy and painless process. There is no searching on the Internet for the proper clothing and no perusing through suttlers for the right equipment (for a list of clothing and equipment used and worn by our members, see the equipment page). Our regimental recruiters get everything for you. We will make sure you are supplied with the right clothing, take all of your measurements to ensure its correct fit, and acquire all of the necessary weaponry and accouterments. There is no deadline in getting yourself outfitted, but you cannot participate until you are completely uniformed, equipped and trained. We have reliable, established sources for everything we use. If you have the monetary resources, a light infantryman takes less than two months to get outfitted; a mounted light dragoon takes slightly longer. Whatever might be keeping you back from pursuing this hobby, the time to get involved is now! Simply contact our recruiter at the below email address:


Or the following members of our regiment:

Tom McHugh – Recruiter
127 Hewett Rd.
Wyncote, PA 19095

Bob Healey – Unit Commander