Who We Are,

Our Unit

The 4th Legionary Corps is a historically recreated cavalry and light infantry unit formed to relive the activities of an American army regiment that was originally raised in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & the populous parts of Maryland during the American War of Independence. It is composed entirely of individuals who are accurately uniformed, equipped, and trained in the 18th-century style drill and discipline. These living historians recreate both the light infantry (foot) and dragoon (mounted) sections of the regiment as it existed from 1781-1783. By being outfitted in exact documented reproductions of the troop's original uniforms, weapons, and equipment we are able to relive and reproduce the lives and activities of those patriots from over 225 years ago.

Associated Organizations

The Legion is a non-profit and 501c3 organization registered in the state of New Jersey. We are also members of The Continental Line and the Brigade of the American Revolution (B.A.R), two umbrella organizations involved in recreating the American War of Independence.

Our Members

The members of the Legion come from all walks of life. Our men and women consist of police officers, college and high school students, bankers, teachers, retired and active duty military, and a host of other varied backgrounds. They are bonded together by their love of history and their desire to portray that history correctly and authentically. The bulk of our membership comes from the original recruiting territory of the Legion; as far south as Maryland, as far North as New Jersey, and as far west as York Pennsylvania. However, membership is by no means limited to geographical location!